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Solar Lantern

With several SPV modules to pick from Solar lanterns can last from 04 Hors upto 08 days without being recharges. With  CFL and LED being utilised to save energy. The design have changed from the hardy and heavy solar lanterns of the late 1990's to the sleek durable Lanterns of today.  

For Rural and grid starved areas the Solar lantern is lighting up lives and homes across the world from the dark African continent to the least developed areas of Far east Asia. In Bangladesh Grameen has made a lasting impact with the propagation of solar energy in its micro banking.

Solar Lanterns could be used in restaurants to enhance the ambience 

Ask for the back up you need and we will tailor make a lamp for you. From 04 Hours of lighting to 08 days we cn provide for that. Using CFL and LED a quantum leap has been made in the age of Energy saving. All you have to do is click on the lamp and we will get in touch.